We’ve known for years how important early intervention is for kids with disability or at risk of developing one. The sooner we start, the better the results.

We’ve also known for years that we have to pay special attention to premature babies or babies who experience trauma during delivery or babies who are admitted to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Indeed, a NICU graduate is – by definition – a baby at high risk.

Woman smiling down at an infant in intensive care

So after we opened Gubbara, our assessment centre for kids with developmental disabilities, starting a followup program for NICU babies was only a matter of time. We worked closely and persistently with the doctors from the government women’s hospital (next door to the one Gubbara was already functioning in), and over a few months we came to an agreement about the place we would work from, the protocols for the followup and what we could expect from each other.

We decided to call our new initiative Chhota Gubbara. And we couldn’t have been more excited about it.

Tow women in purple smocks, standing in front of balloons!

But excitement is not courage. And courage is what is required.

Chhota Gubbara has been open for precisely 8 days. We already have 26 babies lined up and in need of our services. Those 26 babies are why we are here. But 26 kids in 8 days. DO THE MATH!!!! Every single baby represents a lifetime of potential and effort and commitment.

Three women clustered around centre for high risk newborns; sign for Chhota Gubbara in the middle

We are here for our smallest citizens. But the enormity of the task is becoming clearer. We cannot do this alone. Are you with us? Can you join hands with us as we reach out to save the little ones among us?

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