What a pleasure, what a joy to announce the great news that our own Sumita Nanda has been appointed Director, Human Resources at the Latika Roy Foundation.

Attractive woman, holding a tea cup, smiling. Waiters at a buffet behind her.

Everyone who has ever come in to the Foundation – be it as a neighbor, a landlord, a volunteer, a consultant, a vendor, a donor, a funder, a prospective employee, a parent or a staff member – knows Sumita. Like a sprite or a magic fairy, she seems to be everywhere at the same time: orchestrating, managing, arranging, taking charge, looking after every single detail. She deals with travel schedules, major events, calendar dispatches, rents, maintenance, phone connections, internet, powerpoint presentations, bus and van routes, the garden, the plumbing, the pictures on the walls. And every day, without fail, she shows up on time. Just like a Swiss clock.

For so many years now, she has been at the centre of all that we do, and she has handled everything with such grace, intelligence and charm we decided it was time to publicly recognize her stellar work and give her a job where she could shine even more brightly than she already does.

As Director of Human Resources, Sumita will be responsible for a wide range of HR processes – from recruitment to hiring, from writing job descriptions to organizing appraisals, from dealing with leave rules, increments and promotions to identifying training needs on the staff.

I love this photo of Sumita, holding Moy Moy’s birthday cake for her to blow out the candles.

Attractive woman, holding a birthday cake in front of a pretty girl

I have always thought of Moy Moy as a mini-employment agency: because of her over 100 people have jobs. Now Sumita is going to help those hundred people become happier and more productive – ensuring that Moy Moy and all her friends get the best possible services that exist.

Happy Birthday to our newborn HR Director!

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  • Ritesh Gupta

    Congratulations Sumita , All the Best !!

  • sumita

    Oh Jo, I just saw this. You made me cry. What a precious moment for me with Moy Moy. This is only your trust in me that made my journey to this far. I can’t thank you enough to show me my strengths.

  • Sidd

    We love Sumita and it’s easy 🙂

  • Shweta

    I second Sidd. I would say congratulations Latika Roy Foundation!

  • anju khanna

    congrats dee……

    • sumita

      Thank You Anju, Shweta, Sidd and ofcourse Ritesh. Much more support needed for times to come.

  • Inderjeet Nanda

    Jo ! you have the eye to capture right moments at right time……..congratulations Sumita!!

  • Harsha Arya

    Congrats Sumita. Jo you could not have chosen anyone better than our eversmiling, calm and composed Sumita, the first person anyone walking in at LRF interacts with. Best wishes.


    • sumita

      Oh Thank You Harsha di. We miss you and love you.

  • atul dutt

    Remarkable step taken………..because HR persons with smiling faces are the people most desired by the workers of an organisation……….a rare combination.

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