I was the first person in the United States to be arrested and jailed for protesting abortion. My pro-life credentials are unimpeachable: I come from a strong Catholic family, I practiced natural family planning and my husband and I adopted a severely disabled baby.

I voted for Joe Biden. I voted for him proudly and with no misgivings. Because Joe Biden is as pro-life as they come.

Being pro-life means more than being against abortion. It means standing up for the rights of children locked in cages on our country’s borders – because what is life without freedom? Being pro-life means fighting for every American’s right to decent, affordable health care – because what is life without health? Being pro-life means making sure that America’s economy works for the many, not for the few – because what is life without a living wage? Being pro-life means enlisting in the Clean Energy Revolution – because what is life on an unlivable planet?

Joe Biden’s pro-life record is as impeccable as mine. He fights for children, for health care, for decent jobs and for a green, clean planet.

Being pro-life isn’t just about political action either. It’s an attitude, it’s a way of being in this world. Joe Biden is a man we can respect. He’s courteous. He’s kind. He genuinely cares about other human beings and he listens when they speak. Because of what my disabled daughter taught me, I am exquisitely tuned in to this truly pro-life aspect of Joe Biden’s personality.

Moy Moy died two years ago at the age of 28. While she was with us, she spoke only with her eyes. She used a wheelchair to get around and she ate through a tube in her tummy. She depended upon us for literally everything. It wasn’t an easy life, but it was an incredibly valuable one. She taught us everything we needed to know about love and acceptance and the things that truly matter.

I would not have needed to explain this to Joe Biden. He would have gotten it on his own. Watch him in any encounter with a disabled person and you see him for who he is. He goes out of his way to connect with them, to listen to their stories and to learn from what they have to tell him. He doesn’t ignore them and he’s not uncomfortable even if he isn’t able to understand everything they say. That’s because he meets them from a place of respect.

I don’t like to compare Joe Biden to Donald Trump because it’s demeaning to Joe. It’s like comparing a flowing river to a fetid swamp. What’s the point? But I will say this: if Moy Moy were still alive, I would move mountains to keep her safe from this so-called “pro-life” President. He would not have been able to comprehend her beauty, nor would he have been able to understand how incredibly important and irreplaceable she was. I wouldn’t have let him anywhere near her.

But Joe Biden? He would be welcome in our home any time.

I was the first person in the country to go to jail fighting abortion and I’m here to tell you: Joe Biden is the pro-life candidate.

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  • Jody Marcoux

    You captured the essence of Joe Biden and the true meaning of “prolife.” Thank you, Jo. I hope you and your family are safe during this challenging, stressful time.

  • Patti

    Love this, Jo!!

  • Rashmi M

    Love you, Jo! 🤗

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