Children’s Day can be perfunctory (school-kids get a toffee and watch a cartoon in assembly) or educational (kids get to listen to a speech about Chacha Nehru) or, if their school is really creative – it’s a chance for teachers to perform on stage.

Indian teachers sing on stage, balloons in backgroundBut any way you slice it, it’s pretty boring for the kids.

Because kids just want to have fun.

They  do not want to sit in assemblies, or listen to speeches or watch their teachers sing and dance.

They want to run.

3 pics of kids running

They want to move.

Girl with Down Syndrome pushing a boy in wheelchair; boy with cerebral palsy kicking a footballThey want a little drama and the high stakes of a game played for real:

Three women, one with Down Syndrome, intent on a sports event

They don’t want to listen to speeches, watch other people having fun on stage or sit on the sidelines while someone else performs.

Children’s Day is for children, yaar!

Man jumping rope while others look on, smiling

We hitch a ride on their energy and their unbelievable joy in life – so simple, so uncomplicated – but let’s not highjack their day. It’s theirs.

We have all had our turn. Today is theirs. It belongs to them.

Boy with Down syndrome raises his arms in the air - three people behind himHappy Children’s Day!

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