Lots of organizations construct their own buildings. They buy a piece of land, they raise the money they need and they get right to it.

Not us.

We bought our land nearly ten years ago. Then we started thinking and re-thinking. We forgot we owned it and then we remembered again. Several times. We considered selling it. We considered again. We are like that only.

But finally, gloriously, we have decided to build.

We found an architect (Pawan Jain: a friend, a fellow traveler, a person who speaks our language, but in a different cadence) and his young colleague (Manuj: a smiling, cheerful, creative chap) and we’ve started plotting and planning.

We have meeting after meeting.

Group of people milling around a table where building plans are laid out

We make lists.

We trade emails, we have group discussions, we meet one-to-one.

Two women discussing

Over and over . . . so many of us! So many ideas!

Two more ladies discussing

We have been dreaming of our own building for so long it is taking us a long time to believe it could actually be happening.

Colorful line of ladies - smiling!

And yet, it seems it really is.

Here are our architects, which seems to prove that we are actually moving forward in this amazing process. Blueprints! Landscaping! Dimensions!

Lineup of one woman and two men, all smiling broadly

And though it still seems utterly incredible to me, my husband and I have in fact built an actual house. Ideas which were once just squiggles on a series of pieces of paper are now the bricks and walls and windows inside of which we live our lives. It can be done!

So we are doing it. We are harnessing our dreams, our goals, our dearest loves, and pulling them down to earth.

Architect explaining the blueprints to two women

We have asked a team of professionals, a team of visionaries, to help us build walls and ramps and roofs around our dreams; we have asked them to give those dreams the structure and the foundations they need to last, to stand, to shelter the children we serve.

Line of Ladies and two subdued men

It’s all happening at last! Watch this space. It’s all happening here. Really! Really and truly!



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  • Downs Side Up

    From across the globe I am excited for you! I want to come and step foot in your building when it is done x

    • Jo Chopra McGowan

      Thank you so much!!!! And you are most welcome! We would be honored to have you come for opening day!

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