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Ajay Mehrotra is an optician and audiologist who runs a thriving business (Eye and Ear Care Centre) in the heart of Dehradun. In an earlier post, I described how we went to him for a hearing aid for 96 year old Mummy, a stubborn patient if ever there was one. She was (still is to some extent) determined that hearing aids won’t work for her and poor Ajay had his work cut out for him.

He has taken it as a challenge. Painstakingly, carefully, patiently, he and his team have made house call after house call, playing with the settings on Mummy’s devices, trying to achieve that perfect balance.

In the process, Ajay learned about the Foundation and slowly got intrigued by what we do.

Soon, he volunteered that one of his staff wold go to Gubbara every week to do the hearing tests which till now, we have had to send children to another place to do (quite a production, involving taxis and a lot of wasted time).

And yesterday, he came to give us a gift!

One man handing a hearing test instrument to another - all smiles!

An audiometer with which we will be able to do a simple hearing test ourselves (he’s providing the training too!) plus a vision testing instrument for children able to read simple Hindi script.

this is what happens when the community gets involved – all sorts of skills and gifts and knowledge are revealed and brought forward because almost everyone wants to make a difference in the world.

Thanks, Ajay!

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  • Nitin Parashar

    well done !! gud job Ajay ji… best wishes !!!

  • Sree


  • Eecc Ddn

    Thanks Jo McGowan Chopra for allowing me and my team to serve the children through your organisation.

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