My friend Peter Phun is a friend I’ve never met. Several years ago, I thought I had lost all the photos I took at my niece’s wedding. I posted my anguish on an online forum and he responded and rescued me, patiently, carefully and with clear, step-by-step instructions.

I can never forget his kindness.

We are good friends now and one of the highlights of my year is his reaction to the Karuna Vihar calendar which I send him every year.

Here it is!

Please read his whole blog – not just the calendar piece, but right through. He has a wealth of amazing information and instruction for photographers everywhere. I learn something new every time I visit.

Peter! THANK YOU!!!!

Photo of Karuna Vihar Calendar propped on a couch with a cat beside it

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  • Peter Phun

    I’m touched you remember the details of our online meeting but you exaggerate the seriousness of your predicament. lol. Your work with the children is inspiring and I am blessed and enriched by being your online buddy. Love, Peter

    • Jo Chopra McGowan

      HAHAHA, Peter! No, I truly was ANGUISHED. I was the only photographer for a lot of the ceremonies and my reputation was on the line. It was DIRE.

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