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Kids and staff enjoying the pool - Kalhan Farm: A Little Bit of Heaven

Drs Jiten and Indu Kalhan have been friends of the Foundation for as long as we have existed. It was through them that Moy Moy came into our lives and for that alone we owe them a lifetime of gratitude.

But they are so generous in so many ways that the gratitude stays current and flowing. Literally.

Although they hate it when we thank them and insist that we are doing them the favour, we can’t keep silent any longer.

They have this farm. This amazing and glorious farm. It has two swimming pools and the water is icy cold and sparkling clean. There is a lovely, lush green lawn – open and well-shaded. There is a fully-fitted house, a fridge and plenty of dishes and cutlery. And there is this fabulous guy named Vishat who makes us welcome whenever we come.

Because basically, we own the place.

I’ve lost track of how many hundreds of children we’ve brought there on picnics. Vishat tells me that Dr Kalhan is never so happy as when we are there, when the place is full, when children are shrieking with delight and excitement. And we are never so happy ourselves. Kalhan Farm is magic. There is no other way to describe it.

Thank you Dr Jiten, Dr Indu. You’ve given us Moy and you’ve given us Joy.

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