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Finally, some hope! Finally some joy! Finally, some good news! Have you heard?

Very smiley little boy on the phone

Last night Raj and Mahipal came to my house to bring Manoj’s hospital bills so that we can file a claim for reimbursement. The moment I saw them, I knew there was good news. Their faces were shining so brightly they could have lit up a whole city.

“What?” I asked. “What’s happened?”

Manoj is out of the ICU. He is trying to open his eyes. When they ask him to raise his arm, he does so. When they hold his hand, he grips it. He knows we are here. He knows we aren’t going to let him go. He knows how many people are praying for him.

So does God, apparently.

The surgeon is astonished. He said he never dreamed his recovery would be so rapid.

We aren’t taking anything for granted, but we are allowing ourselves to breathe a little easier.

Little boy with Down Syndrome looking up at teacher in red, hands folded in prayer

The prayers of the poor and the prayers of the children always get special importance. We’ve got those, plus a few fools (another of God’s favorite groups) thrown in for good measure. Keep them coming, dear friends, whichever category you fall into.


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  • imadeitso

    so happy to hear some good news on this front. i’ve been reading along and so glad to hear things are turning for the better! i love how you worded that last paragraph, and that first photo is just brilliant.

  • divya chowfin

    I’m a friend of Neha Joshi, and I’ve been following Manoj’s story through her and your lovely blog. I just wanted to encourage all you guys there. We’ve been praying for him at our church in Delhi, and are totally trusting and expecting God to move in a powerful way – for an incredible breakthrough and for a miraculous, full recovery! Keep sharing.

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