Here’s another story from Karuna Vihar.


Ganga Ram, our physiotherapist assistant has been on leave for the last few weeks as his wife has just delivered a child in their village in Nepal and he’s gone home to celebrate. His absence leaves a large gap in the school as so many children need therapy.

Not to worry.

Here’s little Mithali assisting Prem Bhaiya as he works with Nikkoo.

Nikkoo isn’t that fond of his therapy sessions – some of the stretching he needs to do to prevent contractures is tiring, to say nothing of tedious. One morning, Mithali took it upon herself to help out. She positioned herself by Nikkoo’s head and entertained him with stories, songs and little poems.

When that seemed to go well, she decided she could do more. She took up her place at his feet this time and carefully moved his legs according to what she had watched Ganga Ram Bhaiya do a few weeks earlier. Prem Bhaiya instructed her in the small details and the therapy proceeded in fine form.


Way to go, Mithali! Watch your back, Ganga Ram!

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  • Sree

    Firstly a hearty congrats to Gangaram bhaiya for becoming a proud dad of his third baby!! As for Mithali…she is definitely looking rather serious about substituting him…so yes..he better watch out!! 😉

  • Aarti

    Look at the concentration.
    This is wonderful.

  • Utpala

    This is truly touching and inspiring.

  • Marcie

    So heart warming to see little Mithali SO keen 2to help and doing it so well and with such thought! What an absolute sweetheart! 🙂 xx

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