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I never stop being inspired by Teach for India. Their passion, their excitement, their total and utter commitment to what they do is incredible. If we could take their enthusiasm and bottle it, we would have the secret formula for success we have all been looking for for so long.

Three Indians, one man, two women - all laughingShaheen, Rajshree and Sandeep visited us last week and this picture sums up their presence here.

Joy: infectious. Energy: boundless. Vision: huge and all-encompassing.

We were smitten from the start.

Little girl, very excited about holding a blue toyWhat I really love about TFI is the sheer size of their vision. EVERY child in India should have an excellent education.They have already touched the lives of 38,000 kids. But now they’ve set their sights on reaching ONE MILLION.

Not a small number.

But actually? Nothing at Teach for India is small. Because these folks have a sense of urgency about what they do and they know that for children, there is no such thing as “later”. Their name is Today. This hour. This minute. The clock is ticking and the TFI team is counting down the seconds.

And they expect no less from us.

The amazing thing about Teach for India is its power to inspire. They believe so passionately in education as every child’s key to a better future that they make us believe too.

I’m in. So is my team.

Raj and TFI

And we’re bringing all our special kids along because we know that a future without them is a future not worth having.

We are here and we are part of the plan.

Smiling woman with disabled child in a strollerInclusion means that we are here too. That’s what it means.


  • Mrinalini Singh

    Very impressed with the scale and magnitute of work being done by you all .
    We are educating 450 underprivileged children in Ramnagar Tehsil of Dist Barabanki UP . Would like to get in touch with you . Please contact on email. Thankyou

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