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CVT Teacher shows off her students' work to visiting parentsWhen CVT invited us for an art exhibition last week, we dropped everything to get over there to see it.

The CVT team has long been famous for its creative approach to life: from making mouthwatering food (cookies, chaat, pakoras – you name it) to stitching cushion covers, aprons and custom design anything; from candles in innovative shapes to handmade paper frames – the list is endless.

Young man with disability leafs through his art portfolio with a visitor to the art exhibition


We weren’t disappointed.

It was an entire year’s work on display and the variety was truly amazing. There were little tables made from CDs and marbles; papier mache lamps and flowers and branches crafted from all sorts of materials.

There were arty objects which were just for fun as well as functional products which every home requires.

Each trainee had an up-to-date art portfolio with all her/his work over the year displayed and neatly described.

Best of all, the tour guides were the CVT trainees themselves, who shared their work proudly and with confidence.

Guests came from all over the Foundation and there were many parents in attendance as well. As it happened to be a Home Management Day, other families were also able to enjoy the show.



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