Young kids are the ones to watch nowadays. When Shaurya, age 14, or possibly 16, offered to do a film for us, we leaped. He arrived with an I-phone and a tripod and suddenly it was “lights, camera, action.”

Boy leaning over tripod, mother in background, brother in foreground

I asked a bunch of our faithfuls to come in on a Saturday and (how lucky are we???) they all agreed. Vansh, Kashvi, Vijay, Lakshi, Rohit, Shaurya (our own) . . . there they all were, with their parents.

Some of our guys are natural hams:

Little boy performing for the cameraSome need a bit of persuading.

Little girl in a library, talking to an adultAnd some are just born to it:

Three kids posingCan’t wait to see the finished product, Shaurya!


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