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Stories have always been a big part of the daily round at Latika Vihar. We tell them in assembly, we read them out loud in the library and we encourage the children to share their own.

Large, tall man acting out a children's storyMan telling a story in children's classroom; women listeningBut John Marsh took it to another level in his storytelling workshop this week. He began by telling us what he called “a quiet story”.

But he soon progressed to a scary, action-packed version of the Pete Seeger story-song: Abiyoyo.

The crowd loved it. Because we all know about scary monsters whose fingernails grow long and snarly and who refuse to brush their teeth – yet who are so small and insignificant they can be felled by a little girl with a ukelele.

John reminded us of the power of stories to transform our lives and of the importance we need to accord them if we are to truly bring about change.

Thanks, John!


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