Our Lecture Series is a bit of a Dehradun legend . . . beginning in 2005 with four events in one year, including a standing room only concert for inclusion in 2006 featuring the American folk music sensation Charlie King, we have brought a wide range of remarkable speakers and performers to Dehradun to engage with people on the issues which concern us all: education, children’s rights, inclusive development, social justice.

This year’s event was no exception. Dr Vibha Krishnamurthy, a developmental pediatrician from Mumbai, spoke to a packed audience on “Building A Child’s Brain: Chhabi Hamare Haath Me Hai!” It was one of our best attended lectures ever – over 300 people were there: eager and anxious to learn about what they might do to help their children to learn better.

Indian woman, holding mike, one hand pointing upward

Dr Vibha had some answers. They weren’t easy ones: they ask parents to spend time with their kids; they ask teachers to apply thought to their lesson plans and they ask all of us to become responsive partners whenever we are dealing with children.

But they are do-able. Because that’s what this lecture series is all about. Practical strategies. Concrete ideas that can be put into action. A little inspiration. A little song and dance. But mainly? Walk the talk. Show me.

We are just trying to make inclusion real.


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