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Naina Kashyap is one of our very talented, very beautiful young staff. Her mother used to work for Manju and Manju had her eye on her since she was just a wee young thing. When Moy Moy needed a new babysitter in 2008, she suggested Naina.

Beautiful Nepali girl in front of a gushing stream of water

We often refer to Moy Moy as the Karuna Vihar Training Academy. Just about every babysitter she’s had (Shivani Kapoor, Madhu Subedi, Manju Subedi, Sunita Bhatt, Hema Massey) ended up working in the Foundation – every one of them is a gem. Moy Moy just knows how to choose them.

GIrl in wheelchair (Moy Moy) with her babysitter and her grandfather.

She knows how to train them, too. We soon offered Naina a job at Karuna Vihar where she has been an assistant teacher for the past three years, pouring her heart and her love into her work, constantly eager to learn and grow in her chosen field.

Beautiful Nepali bride on her wedding day




And now she’s married! And, in what we hope will be come a TREND, her husband has left his job in Delhi to come and live in Dehradun so that Naina can continue working at Karuna Vihar!





Congratulations, Naina! And Amit, welcome to the Foundation family!

Young couple at their Hindu wedding. Bride in pink; groom in white, wearing a turban.




  • Nicola Tansley

    Oh Naina, you look so BEAUTIFUL! Many, many congratulations – and see you soon!

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