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Some people are simply destined to break your heart. I knew when I hired Neha Joshi that she would be one of them. She was adorable, appealing, bright, funny, and full of passion and energy.

Much as I love Dehradun, I know that most people like that don’t stay here for long. The world calls out to them and they have the skills and the resources and the determination to respond when it does.

So Neha, our awareness campaign coordinator, is leaving to get married. Good news! We should be happy!

And yet, and yet . . . I know it’s selfish, but it’s hard to be happy as you watch some stranger (just who IS Saurabh Dobhal anyway?) snatch your little jewel away from you in broad daylight.

Still. I summon up all my generosity and good will and I wish the young couple well. I really and truly do.

Because what I know for sure is that Neha Joshi will make this world a better place wherever she goes, whatever she does. That’s what she was made for, that’s why she was put on this earth. We got her for a while. Now it’s time to share the wealth.

Neha, laughing, being tossed in the air in a blanket by her friends and co-workers

Lots of love, Neha. All the very best for your new life.

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