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The American India Foundation (AIF) Banyan Impact Fellowship is an immersive bi-national volunteer service program with immense strategic importance in the US-India corridor. By facilitating exchange and collaboration between young professionals from India and the US, the program aims to shape the next generation of leaders committed to positive and sustainable change and create a lasting US-India relationship by broadening the existing constituency of future leaders, civil society and other stakeholders.

Since 2001, AIF has selected, trained, and supported 539 Fellows and 238 partner organizations across 25 Indian states to scale impact, catalyze change, and build the next generation of socially-minded changemakers.

Screen grab of actress Judi Dench reciting a sonnet

Twenty-one Fellows based in 20 civil society organizations across 11 states and union territories visited us on 21 February. On a tour of the premises, the Project Heads explained the workings of each center. Jo briefed the group on the disability sector in India, described Latika’s journey over the past 30 years and answered their queries, as part of our efforts to raise awareness about disability.

Screen grab of actress Judi Dench reciting a sonnet

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