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Claire Dupre is our most recent volunteer and she comes via Anna Tanvir – an old friend whom I wrote about here.

Pretty French girl smiling for the camera Claire is a Business  Management student and is  specializing in what is called  “Solidarity and Social  Economy,” an interesting  discipline which will equip her  to help companies, institutions  or even governments looking to  develop policies on inclusion or  conflict resolution or the  environment or a host of other  topical issues – it all depends  what she decides to focus on.

 Since she has a long  background as a volunteer  working with people with  disability, she chose to do her  internship here with us. She’s  with us for nearly four months  and will be based at the College  for Vocational Training where  she will help us design a  functional program for internship and job placements for our trainees and graduates.

It’s an exciting new phase for us and – we hope – for her.

Welcome to the Latika Roy Foundation, Claire!

  • Kanica Singh via Facebook

    Wow! Very interesting work profile. It is such a wonderful opportunity for us to learn so much from Claire..Welcome to the family Claire:)

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