A Lost Girl

We lost this little girl yesterday. How careless it sounds, as if we had misplaced her; as if we were busy doing other things, then turned around and found she had vanished. And of course, it wasn’t like that at all. Siddhika had been [...]

Inclusion SWAT Team Zindabad

Everyone is always shocked when I tell them how many disabled people there are in India. Two hundred two million five hundred thousand is a huge number and a typical response is: “WHAT? 202 million? How is that possible? How come I never see [...]

Waiting in Line To Weep

The random yet comprehensive range of  recent terrorist attacks is what makes them so chilling. They could happen – literally – anywhere. An airport, a train station, a night club for gays, a night club for straights, a night club [...]

Organize Your Life!

My sister Lucy Cuseo is writing a book on decluttering and organizing. She’s been at it for years and because she is hilariously funny and a great writer; her fan club is waiting eagerly to see it. But the last time we met, she was a bit [...]

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