The Descent

So here’s the back yard. By this time it was around 7 AM. A very confused and sleepy man rushed out in his barefeet to see what was happening (it sounded like a dragon settling down on the [...]

The Balloon Ride

Finally. We actually had begun to think this day would never come. Weather conditions for balloon rides, we now know, have to be beyond perfect. The slightest of breezes, a hint of rain, the [...]

Who She Met . . .

This is just a partial showing, of course. Though I MEANT to document every single moment of her time here, occasionally I had to put the camera down and just enjoy her company! This is Mary, on [...]

Paula Hughes, VIP

This trip was a long time coming. Many years ago, Paula confided in me that her dream for her 60th birthday was to go on a hot air balloon ride in Kenya. Much as I would have loved to make her [...]


April 29 was the hottest day Delhi has seen in 50 years: 43.5 Celsius (110 F!). Just our luck that that was the day we had chosen to fly out to the US.   Except we didn’t fly out.   Dad and [...]