13Oct 2014

Normally, at our annual all-staff meeting, we keep things positive and upbeat. We share good news, celebrate achievements, announce pay hikes; we remind everyone how important what we do is; we rouse the troops and spur ourselves on to greater heights. We consciously avoid anything too deep or heavy. But this year, we had not one, but two Continue Reading →

08Oct 2014

Little things mean a lot. The “keystone species” theory proves it. A keystone species is one whose presence is crucial to a particular ecosystem and whose destruction can damage it irreparably. Keystone species are seldom the ones we think of. Lions, tigers and elephants are not on the list. Keystoners are more likely to be Continue Reading →

24Sep 2014

Walking back to work after lunch today, I saw a young chap on a motorbike notice a young woman. He scoped her out carefully, oblivious, of course, to the fact that I even existed, let alone that I was watching him. He drove past her, then turned at the road I was just then crossing, Continue Reading →

05Aug 2014

My friend Joan Hornsby is dying. For all I know (I am in India. She is in Fall River, my childhood home), she may already be gone. I’ve been thinking about her constantly for the past few days. It’s harder than it seems to think of anyone (other than one’s self) constantly. But I’ve been Continue Reading →

27Jul 2014

The hideous footage of a blind child being beaten by the principal of his school in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh last week made me physically sick. This wasn’t just a single slap from a frustrated, OOPS, lost-my-temper grownup. This was repeated, relentless and vicious. This was so driven and purposeful (the man doing it was himself Continue Reading →

15Jul 2014

The Latika Roy Foundation’s brother organization is the Peoples Science Institute – one of India’s best-known and most respected organizations in the field of environment, water resource management and disaster preparedness and response. We share their appeal for one of their longtime staff members who passed away yesterday. Hira Lal, one of the Peoples Science Continue Reading →

10Jul 2014

A few days ago, we got news from a major, major funder that one of our most important projects would no longer be supported, and with almost immediate effect. There was a logic to the decision, but it was a blow from out of nowhere and we spent the day in a stunned state of Continue Reading →

05Jul 2014

Data is magic. Data is powerful. Data can change lives. Yesterday, one of our funders asked for data from across the Foundation, segregated by project and by gender. Simply: how many girls and how many boys had accessed services at Chhota Gubbara, Gubbara, EIC and Karuna Vihar? What we found was stunning. At Chhota Gubbara, Continue Reading →

30Jun 2014

Two weeks ago, I saw a picture of Nicholas and another man on facebook. Underneath the photo were two comments: “RIP.” and “My deepest condolences.” Wow, I thought. His friend looks so young. I wonder what happened. It simply didn’t occur to me that the comments could have anything to do with Nick himself. At Continue Reading →