15Jul 2014

The Latika Roy Foundation’s brother organization is the Peoples Science Institute – one of India’s best-known and most respected organizations in the field of environment, water resource management and disaster preparedness and response. We share their appeal for one of their longtime staff members who passed away yesterday. Hira Lal, one of the Peoples Science Continue Reading →

10Jul 2014

A few days ago, we got news from a major, major funder that one of our most important projects would no longer be supported, and with almost immediate effect. There was a logic to the decision, but it was a blow from out of nowhere and we spent the day in a stunned state of Continue Reading →

05Jul 2014

Data is magic. Data is powerful. Data can change lives. Yesterday, one of our funders asked for data from across the Foundation, segregated by project and by gender. Simply: how many girls and how many boys had accessed services at Chhota Gubbara, Gubbara, EIC and Karuna Vihar? What we found was stunning. At Chhota Gubbara, Continue Reading →

30Jun 2014

Two weeks ago, I saw a picture of Nicholas and another man on facebook. Underneath the photo were two comments: “RIP.” and “My deepest condolences.” Wow, I thought. His friend looks so young. I wonder what happened. It simply didn’t occur to me that the comments could have anything to do with Nick himself. At Continue Reading →

19Jun 2014

Matthew, who has a mental handicap, has five brothers and sisters. The other children get quite a few treats because of him through gestures of kindness offered by local organizations. A free afternoon at the fair, for example, or tickets to the circus: “For the handicapped and their families.” There is never any shortage of Continue Reading →

16Jun 2014

Whenever anything would go wrong in our early days in the Foundation, Paula would say “Never mind! Worse things happen at sea.” We were both neck-deep in the 20 volume Aubrey-Maturin series by Patrick O’Brian –  magnificent historical novels based on the British Navy in the 18th century – and we were full of nautical Continue Reading →

08Jun 2014

It goes without saying that kids with developmental disabilities need regular followup care after they’ve been assessed. But what if those kids are poor and live miles and miles away from services? Here in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, that was our problem. To solve it, we engaged with the existing public health network Continue Reading →

15May 2014

Who knows what they are doing when they first start out? Like any young parents, we had no idea what we were taking on when we began the Latika Roy Foundation. All we knew was that the baby was ours and that she was looking at us. No escape. Not that we were looking for Continue Reading →

20Apr 2014

Manju Singhania is launching a quiet little revolution here in Dehradun. She’s teaching grownups how to talk with children. Sounds so easy, right? “What’s your name?” we ask the child standing in front of us in the line. “How old are you?” we say to the kid sitting next to us on the bus. “What Continue Reading →