20Apr 2014

Manju Singhania is launching a quiet little revolution here in Dehradun. She’s teaching grownups how to talk with children. Sounds so easy, right? “What’s your name?” we ask the child standing in front of us in the line. “How old are you?” we say to the kid sitting next to us on the bus. “What Continue Reading →

17Mar 2014

Gubbara is an important project in the Latika Roy Foundation. No doubt. It’s not more or less important than any of our other projects but it IS more prominent. Placed as it is in a government hospital, it gets a lot of attention – from officials, from funders, from the media. So it’s vital that Continue Reading →

09Mar 2014

When I bought my primulas this year, the old mali at the nursery gave me some advice: “Pinch back the first flowers.” he said. “They grow fuller and more beautifully that way. You’ll see.” Old malis know what they are talking about. But when the first flowers appeared on my primulas, I had misgivings about pinching them. Continue Reading →

02Mar 2014

  March 3rd, 2014 Dr Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India New Delhi Dear Sir: We, the undersigned, are writing to express our opposition to the unwarranted transfer of Shri Keshav Desiraju from his position as Health Secretary, Government of India. Keshav Desiraju is known for his honesty, integrity and administrative capabilities. There has been Continue Reading →

20Feb 2014

Yesterday, perhaps for the first time in my adult life, I was attacked in public. Well. maybe it wasn’t an attack. Maybe I was just yelled at. Maybe criticized. Maybe sneered at. Whatever it was, it felt personal and angry. Also completely  unhelpful. To put it in perspective, the guy who did it is – Continue Reading →

29Jan 2014

We’ve known for years how important early intervention is for kids with disability or at risk of developing one. The sooner we start, the better the results. We’ve also known for years that we have to pay special attention to premature babies or babies who experience trauma during delivery or babies who are admitted to Continue Reading →

21Jan 2014

Gubbara, our assessment and diagnostics centre, is meant for children from birth to the age of six. We keep hoping for younger and younger children to come in, but the fact is that many parents wait for years before accepting that their child needs help. Our average age of assessment is still around five, and Continue Reading →

06Jan 2014

I know. I know. I’ve lived in India long enough to know that this is just something you DO NOT DO. You do not brag about your children. That is inviting the Evil Eye. That is saying: “Look at me! See how happy I am! Come and knock me down! I’m just asking for it!” Continue Reading →

04Jan 2014

I used to think inclusion was about kids with disabilities getting into mainstream schools, full employment for handicapped adults, wheelchair friendly buildings and accessible transport for all. Now when I think about inclusion and about diversity, I think of the “keystone species” theory. A keystone species is one whose presence is crucial to a particular Continue Reading →