18Dec 2014

When the news of the Peshawar massacre of school children broke, I was deep into watching a political thriller called The State Within, a BBC production recommended by Jesse Kornbluth at Head Butler. It is a seven-part edge-of-seat drama which demands close attention and throws into question all the things we wish were true but Continue Reading →

11Dec 2014

The article below appeared in Commonweal – a magazine in New York for which I am a regular columnist. It’s a strange time for people with disabilities. Among the general public in most developed countries, there is more knowledge, awareness, and acceptance of disability than ever before. Technological breakthroughs have transformed what were once disabling Continue Reading →

23Nov 2014

The quote I chose to go with the photo in my high school yearbook was:  “With joy shall you go out and in peace shall you be led. Mountains and hills shall bow down before you and all the trees of the world shall clap their hands!” I was 16 years old and that’s exactly Continue Reading →

21Nov 2014

Writing at the end of a long and trying day in which our work was maligned and our integrity questioned may not be the best idea. But writing is therapy and – usually – the only way I can make sense of anything. This morning, for reasons which now elude me, I thought it would Continue Reading →

19Nov 2014

A little girl was raped in our neighborhood a few months ago. She is a child with a mental handicap and so, even though we didn’t know her until this happened, she’s one of ours. The bare bones of the story (and all our bones feel bared still- naked and vulnerable) are these: the child’s Continue Reading →

17Nov 2014

We got a strange letter at the Foundation this week. You can read it yourself: Uh oh. Looks like we’re being accused of poaching. And nobody likes a poacher. I have great respect and sympathy for elderly people living on their own. With a 92 year-old Dad in America and a 97 year old mother-in-law living Continue Reading →

13Oct 2014

Normally, at our annual all-staff meeting, we keep things positive and upbeat. We share good news, celebrate achievements, announce pay hikes; we remind everyone how important what we do is; we rouse the troops and spur ourselves on to greater heights. We consciously avoid anything too deep or heavy. But this year, we had not one, but two Continue Reading →

08Oct 2014

Little things mean a lot. The “keystone species” theory proves it. A keystone species is one whose presence is crucial to a particular ecosystem and whose destruction can damage it irreparably. Keystone species are seldom the ones we think of. Lions, tigers and elephants are not on the list. Keystoners are more likely to be Continue Reading →

24Sep 2014

Walking back to work after lunch today, I saw a young chap on a motorbike notice a young woman. He scoped her out carefully, oblivious, of course, to the fact that I even existed, let alone that I was watching him. He drove past her, then turned at the road I was just then crossing, Continue Reading →