A Lost Girl

We lost this little girl yesterday. How careless it sounds, as if we had misplaced her; as if we were busy doing other things, then turned around and found she had vanished. And of course, it wasn’t like that at all. Siddhika had been [...]

Inclusion SWAT Team Zindabad

Everyone is always shocked when I tell them how many disabled people there are in India. Two hundred two million five hundred thousand is a huge number and a typical response is: “WHAT? 202 million? How is that possible? How come I never see [...]

Waiting in Line To Weep

The random yet comprehensive range of  recent terrorist attacks is what makes them so chilling. They could happen – literally – anywhere. An airport, a train station, a night club for gays, a night club for straights, a night club [...]

Organize Your Life!

My sister Lucy Cuseo is writing a book on decluttering and organizing. She’s been at it for years and because she is hilariously funny and a great writer; her fan club is waiting eagerly to see it. But the last time we met, she was a bit [...]

Zebras in Texas

My phone suddenly stopped working this weekend. I was traveling and being connected was more important than usual. The friend who was picking me up at the train station had to find me. The driver who was getting me from her house to the venue [...]

Orphaned at an advanced age

I was 9 years old when my father’s mother died. I still remember hearing the phone ring and knowing – instantly – that Grandma was gone. I was already in bed for the night but I ran down to the kitchen where my mother was on [...]

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