The Best Thing I Ever Did

This story about yellow flowers makes me look like the Good Guy, but that’s not why I am telling it. I’m telling it to inspire you to go ahead and do that amazing thing you know you want to because 40 years from now (maybe 42) you [...]

Mummy’s Dying Gift

A loved one dying at home is not a small thing. My own culture teaches us that people should die in hospitals (in a study some years ago in America, while 88% responding said they wanted to die at home, 56% actually died in a hospital). Here in [...]

A Good Place

Two of my oldest friends came to visit last month. We had been together in 1982 at a pivotal time in all our lives: in India, learning Hindi, before we had children . . . all three of us remember that time as magical. We met in Mussoorie (the [...]

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