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Allegra Garcia and Sarah Olson, senior undergraduates studying Global Health at Luther College, and Rebekah McAdam, a final year student at the Kansas School of Medicine, interned at the Latika Roy Foundation from January 30 to February 3, 2023.

Allegra, who plans to complete a graduate degree in Public Health and Policy and eventually work at the Center for Disease Control in the US as an advocate for health equity was impressed by “the love and care of the teachers, the hard work in advocating for these kids (and) the positive environment”. The experience left her “hopeful for the future, seeing (LRF) fighting for the kids and sharing love above all else”.

Sarah hopes to go into Epidemiology or Tropical Medicine. She describes her experience at LRF as “truly life-changing”. Particularly touched by the care and love the staff extend towards the children, she said, “The Foundation’s doing beautiful things for the world. Throughout the week I was able to build connections with the kids, teachers and every person I encountered”.

Rebekah plans to go into Family Medicine to help children and adults in rural areas of the US or elsewhere in the world. “I could see how much the staff cares about each child and family. I enjoyed learning about LRF’s advocacy and inclusion work. I’ll take home with me the children’s resilience, parents’ love and staff’s desire to empower others in what I do next,” she said.

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