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The Latika Roy Foundation Awareness Team is continuing to raise awareness about the importance of Aadhaar – an essential identification document for all Indian citizens – through virtual workshops for our parents. At the Foundation, we insist that every child enrolled with us has it. If they don’t, we help them get it through camps conducted on our premises.

We’re often asked what the benefits of Aadhaar are. Here are a few:

Income Tax: Aadhaar reduces your documentation needs in a cost-effective and efficient way by letting you verify your filed returns online.

Beating the passport blues: It acts as ID proof when you apply for a passport online. You can then get a new passport in just 10 days!

Bank accounts in a flash: There’s no longer any need to run around for multiple identification documents — Aadhaar is enough proof of address and identity.

Pension money on time: Aadhaar is a blessing for senior citizens, many of who may be disabled and find documentation processes cumbersome and time-consuming. With an Aadhaar, they only need to register to receive timely pension pay-outs.

Digital Life certificate: Pensioners can also use their Aadhaar card registration number online to get a Digital Life certificate to receive their pension without the hassle of submitting it in person at their bank.

Easy Provident Fund disbursement: By linking their Aadhaar card with their pension account, senior citizens save time and money as the disbursement is credited directly into their bank accounts.

LPG and other subsidies: All government subsidies, such as those for LPG, will reach you directly if you furnish your Aadhaar card – no need to register separately for every government benefit.

  • Ashi Nair

    Hello Sir, I agree with the point of Importance of Aadhar Card, But a major issue is the difficulty relating to Issuing an aadhar Card. My sister is a 25 year old Cerebral Palsy Patient and her aadhar request is rejected twice cause her retinal scan cannot be taken cause of eye impairment and she won’t open her eyes if forced. CAN YOU GUIDE me with what is to be done for this problem?

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