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On April 23, every member of LRF’s staff, including admin, helpers, special educators, Executive Director, therapists, drivers, project heads, Directors, and counsellors – basically everyone – got on a Zoom call to stay updated on how we’re moving ahead in this time of Covid-19.

As always, our priorities remain our kids, families and staff. We continue to work from 9 am—5 pm, Monday to Friday, as usual, from home, to ensure that our kids and families experience as few setbacks from this situation as possible. We’re available on phone, Whatsapp, and video calls to communicate with our families regularly. We’ll share information on how to stay safe and work on your children’s therapy and learning from home. Our therapists and special educators will follow up regularly. We’re also making every effort to ensure that in this time of job uncertainty for many of our parents, no one goes hungry or without medical care for their children.

The latest government directive requires us to remain shut until May 15, but please know that we’re still very much here! We’re all in this together.
Stay well, and stay home!

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