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Finance Officers, We’re Hiring!

Are you a finance whiz looking for a position where your whizness will make a difference to thousands? Where your contribution’s is valued by management and colleagues? Where you get to have homemade cake and eat pumpkin pie, too?

  • Oversee the financial operations of the organization and ensure timely and accurate financial reports and practices including cash management, payroll, financial disbursements, ledgers, etc.
  • Enter financial information and maintain financial records for projects and for the organization.
  • Prepare and maintain donor agreements.
  • Manage financial control, prepare and analyze budgets, develop financial reports, and make recommendations to the organization on budget expenditures.
  • Obtain approvals from the Director and from the donors for procurements and purchases for the projects and for the organization.
  • Monitor expenditure to ensure that program funds are utilized appropriately by the close of the fiscal year.
  • Ensure that financial reporting is completed and submitted to donors on time.
  • Oversee financial audits of all the organization’s projects.
  • Provide financial inputs for proposal development, project management, human resource management policies, logistics, travel and other areas of administration.
  • Review payment requests and requests for additional information, and ensure that payments with the Finance team continue to move through the proscribed process.
  • Assist with or lead bank reconciliations, petty cash management, voucher compilation and upload and cost projections.
  • Assist and/or lead budget development, account balance management, tax remittance, tax return compilation and activity budget reviews.
  • Ensure proper documentation reviews of payment requests and vouchers, proper filing and completeness of field voucher files.
  • Oversee payroll and honorariums every month, and salary sheets and slips latest by the 7th of the month.
  • Update the FDR chart regularly.
  • Keep a check on bank balances and make fixed deposits at the highest interest rates available, whenever there is a sufficient bank balance.
  • Prepare the Balance Sheet, fill income tax returns by 30 September, and FCRA returns by 31 December by our external auditor.
  • Prepare a brief report of available funds and expenditure every month, and submit it to the Executive Director by the 10th of the month.
  • Prepare new proposals and budgets for funders.
  • Cross-check rates with multiple vendors based on quotations and bills submitted based on a test basis.
  • Prepare and submit annual budgets for each center by 30 April.
  • Prepare reports and certificates as required by funders or core members of LRF.
  • Implement suggestions and feedback given by internal and external auditors.
  • Comply with arrangements for supervision and appraisal according to the Foundation’s staff policies.
  • Carry out any further duties requested by the reporting manager in accordance with your professional skills.

If you do, please mail:

With the subject line: Stretch Your Rupeee

Smart tip: See the way we’ve spelled rupee? It’s a test of your math skill, so be sure to spell it exactly the same when you mail us!

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