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Psychologists, We’re Hiring!

Are you a psychologist with counselling experience, looking to make a real difference to the lives of children and families in need? Would you like to do that as part of a team that is supportive, eager to learn, willing to teach, and lots of fun to be with?

Our ideal candidate will be required to:

  1. Work in close collaboration with the project team and other staff in a multidisciplinary
    approach to children’s needs.
  2. Spend a significant part of each week in our children’s groups, familiarizing yourself with
    them, and supporting other staff, if necessary.
  3. Provide individual counselling to help family members, particularly parents, to
    understand their child’s needs and sustain a positive attitude to parenting.
  4. Facilitate and/ or lead parent support groups in conjunction with other staff.
  5. Offer individual or group counselling to children and/ or young adults in collaboration
    with other staff.
  6. Contribute to the multi-disciplinary assessment of children’s difficulties and needs, if
    necessary, and work with staff and families to develop intervention plans.
  7. Maintain records of interventions with children and families, and make these available
    to other professional staff involved with the child as necessary.
  8. Prepare child-related reports and documents when requested by the Project Head, using
    language that is accessible to the reader (including parent, if applicable).
  9. Maintain professional standards of confidentiality in matters relating to children, families
    and staff. Share information with team members only if it pertains directly to their work
  10. Provide counselling support to staff in areas that relate to their work, if necessary.
  11. Provide counselling support to other Foundation centers as required.
  12. Assist and/ or lead internal and external training pertaining to your area of expertise, as
    requested by the reporting manager or senior staff.

In addition to the above, you may be asked by the senior staff to:

  1. Represent the Foundation at conferences and other networking events.
  2. Assist in developing funding proposals.
  3. Participate in the Foundation’s research initiatives.

Like all professional staff, you must also:

  1. Stay abreast of professional developments in your field and avail training opportunities as
    approved by the reporting manager
  2. Maintain professional standards in interactions with children, families and staff,
    including by promptly reporting concerns about child protection issues.
  3. Participate in project, team and Foundation meetings and workshops, when necessary.
  4. Comply with all the Foundation’s policies, including those regarding child protection,
    supervision and appraisal, attendance and leave, etc.
  5. Carry out any further duties requested by senior staff or the reporting manager that are in accordance with your professional skills.

Please note that this job description will be reviewed during the annual appraisal cycle and may be reviewed at other times at the request of the post holder, reporting manager or supervisor, or senior staff.

Interested? Please email your curriculum vitae to:
with the subject line: Psyched to Apply!
By: July 25, 2019

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