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Latika Vihar’s New Leadership Council

Latika Vihar’s Leadership Council is a new initiative designed to cultivate positive change by the ones who know this program the best: the students. While Latika Vihar is a revolutionary model for community inclusivity, every program has room to grow, and no one knows that better than the individuals that participate in the activities and talk to one another every day. This council is intended to give these students a space of free expression to say what they want to change and how they want to change it, with some guidance. Invited students are above nine years old with demonstrated maturity, wisdom, and commitment to Latika Vihar.

At our first weekly meeting, we broke the ice with introductory activities, transitioning into a race of ideas about aspects they like/dislike about Latika Vihar. In addition, we discussed what it means to be a leader. At the next meeting, we broke down each activity that happens at Laitka Vihar and brainstormed ideas on how to improve them individually. Further meetings will take a more focused look at matters the students want to tackle, and how they want to approach them.
This council gives a platform for our own “Experts by Experience” to take charge on issues that adults are more likely to miss, with an ability to influence that adults often lack. We are excited to see the direction the Latika Vihar Leadership Council takes!

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