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Meenakshi Mehta, Principal of Gyananda School, Dehradun, has initiated an interesting programme called ‘Be the Change’ in her school, and we were invited.

Last Friday, 15 kids from Karuna Vihar and the Child Development Center piled into a bus with five staff members and headed off to Gyananda, where we were warmly welcomes by Ms Mehta, school staff and students.

Being the change at Gyananda School

The morning began with a prayer sung by their children and ours on stage in their auditorium. Then, one fun activity after another – music, dancing, balloon races and games, and Musical Chairs. They had a Buddy System going right through, with one of their students or teachers handholding each of our kids, except the ones who wanted to run around independently, so that no one felt left out at any time. The games were followed by snacks at a long table – we all got a goodie bag with sandwiches, a banana and juice.

It was a wonderful experience for the kids and staff on both sides. Getting to know each other is awesome. It opens our minds to all sorts of possibilities and we recommend it as a very short cut to joy, fulfilment, creativity, inner peace, and other excellent things, not the least of which is chocolate just as you’re hopping back on the bus home.

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