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Anuradha Pandey is interning with the Foundation from November through mid-December. A student at Symbiosis in Pune, she is studying Media, Design and Communication. For her own documentation, she is taking a series of photos and doing a little story to go with each one. I have edited the text slightly. The photo credits are hers.  ~ Jo Chopra

Boy with Down Syndrome putting powder all over his face.

“Activities of daily living” is a common phrase wherever people with special needs gather. It’s so common we just call them ADLs and everyone knows what we are talking about. ADLs are important for everyone and kids enjoy learning them because they are purposeful and because they allow them more independence: washing their own faces and combing their hair feels better than having it “done” to you.

ADLs are a regular feature of every school day and the kids practice until they’ve got it. Their teachers help by modelling good ways to do them because kids love to imitate.

Ashish is 9 years old and is learning to apply face powder all by himself. It’s fun, it’s hands-on and it’s something his parents used to have to do for him. One step at a time, he’s becoming an independent boy.










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