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The Mama EIC team rocks! For weeks they have been planning and preparing for their Diwali mela and as with everything they do, the results were amazing.

Crowds coming in through the gate at the EIC mela

Parents, grandparents and children of all ages flocked to the gates, and it seemed there was something exciting round every corner that day:

Mothers holding babies looking eagerly round the corner

Every centre in the Foundation had a stall set up, serving bhel puri:

Staff at bhel puri stall

selling candles and bags:

Trainees and staff from CVT selling candles and bags

not to mention second-hand treasures:

Girl beside Latika Vihar Jumble stall, noting in register

Mama EIC had its own stalls too, including amazing pani puri:

EIC staff serve pani puris

Staff selling tickets for the mela

and old friends and volunteers turned up to pitch in:

But the best of all was the movie hall!

Sign on a door in Hindi reads: Latika Roy Cinema Hall. Film: Everyone is Precious

It was a double feature, titled “Pratiyek Anmol” (Everyone is Precious), created by our own Devika Praveen of the Resource Centre – a photo montage, set to music, of EIC children and staff. It was house full, five shows in a row and parents and kids waited patiently for their turn outside the hall.

Mothers and children sit on the steps outside the LRF "theatre"

What a day! We raised money, lifted spirits, and had a ball in the process.

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