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Formal shot of Jo and Manju, both dressed in TurquoiseLate in the day to be announcing this, but I just realized there is no official spot on the site where we’ve shared the great recognition that the Foundation received recently:

We were named a CNN IBN Real Hero!

Manju and I were the lucky ones who got to go to Mumbai to receive the award – we were put up in a five-star hotel and feted (along with 23 other amazing people from around the country) by Nita Ambani, Sachin Tandulkar, Amir Khan and Rajdeep Sardesai.

Receiving the award, Manju recited a beautiful Hindi poem she had composed and I spoke in Hindi!

Jo and Manju receiving the Real Heroes Award from Nita Ambani and Sachin Tandulkar

And while awards are wonderful, this one came with cold hard cash – five lakhs of unrestricted funding – straight into the Foundations sadly depleted coffers and providing us with enough money to keep doing the work we are doing for a bit longer.

But just for a bit, good people. We still need to raise funds urgently. So if you agree with CNN IBN that the Foundation is a Real Hero in this world, do consider sending a donation to help us carry on.


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  • imadeitso


  • Sree

    Even i wondered why its not up on the site “officially” yet ;)..Anyway this is so good it can last for a long long time as a refreshing and inspiring piece of news…Infact i feel it should be on the homepage scroll for an entire year! :)…So happy for LRF!

  • C. Anthony

    I am so pleased to read of this wonderful news. Kudos.


    Jo must say u are great!!!!!!!!!! i luv u

  • Surabhi


  • Sumit dangwal

    Congratulations Mam hats off for your work you hv done.
    Keep it up mam.

  • Siddharth

    Real Heroes, actually get the Real Heroes award! That is sweet.

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