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Great news! The Mama EIC has moved to a wonderful and spacious new building – still on the same road, but easier to access by public transport and so much BIGGER!

At last we have space for a counseling room, a speech and language development area, a sensory integration room, a dedicated kitchen just for fabricating orthotic devices AND – the pride of the Foundation – a staff room!

Here’s one of several play areas:

Bright room with round table and small chairs, toys and colorful wall decorations

And here is our too-big-to-believe therapy space:

Well-lit large therapy space with therapy balls, mats, tilt board and trampoline

To see the rest, and especially to meet the happy children, their happy parents and the very very happy staff, please come and visit! Our new address is 21/4, Shiva Enclave, East Canal Road. It’s just behind the back gate of CJM School. We’d love to see you there!

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