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Three girls in colorful clothes standing in front of the entrance to a local fair



We love fun and games at Latika Vihar. That’s how we plan our lives.

What will the children like the best? we ask ourselves. And then we plan accordingly.

Here are some girls who have just arrived at the Latika Vihar mela – our annual carnival of fun and festivity, and you can see their excitement: what’s next?


Elderly woman in a pretend jail - put there to raise money for the organisation hosting the fair







Well, how about getting someone arrested? THAT’S always fun!

The County Jail is a time-honored part of every Latika Vihar mela. Kids pay five rupees to have their friends arrested and then the friends have to pay ten as bail.





It’s great fun to do it to the grownups – especially since they always make such a fuss:

Bright happy woman laughing as she is arrested by a group of children at the Latika Vihar fair


and since every kid knows they can make bail with no trouble . . . . no worries!



Silly contests

Blonde woman drinking a 2-liter bottle of water with a crowd looking on

like this one where you have to drink a 2-liter bottle of water without stopping . . .

Lovely woman trying to move a key across a taut wire without the bell ringing

or this one, where you have to slide a key across a wire without touching it (if you DO touch the wire, bells peal!).

But as much as the mela is about games and wits and convincing people to make fools of themselves, it’s also about joy and laughter and the beauty of sharing:

Child speaking with a staff member against a bright pink wall

It’s about the amazement of childhood:

Beautiful boy in orange looking up at his balloon

and the quiet moments of a life lived well:

Young woman with a disability chatting with a volunteer

It’s about life and love and everything that makes our time on this earth meaningful.

Plus we earned Rs 10,000 in the process. And THAT goes straight back to the kids!

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