Mail From Home

Dad was once a champion letter writer. He could churn them out by the dozen, and he never forgot a birthday or an anniversary. When we were in college, he would often send us little notes, with a [...]

Birthday Girl!

Moy Moy turned 19 today and, as always, it was a special day of celebration and reflection. She woke earlier than usual, smiling and beaming. She loved the new dress and the bright yellow [...]


It’s not quite flower season yet here in Dehradun (that’s January and February), but the wonderful thing about this city is that there are flowers literally, year round. Especially if [...]

Street Life

Sometimes it’s fun to just go for a walk and see what there is to see. Since we didn’t celebrate Diwali this year because of Mom’s death, I had a lot of time on my hands in the [...]

The Galaxy

A long time ago, I promised a photo of Dehradun’s version of the “Grassy Knoll”. This is the best I can do. It’s hard to find the right angle for this one. The house would [...]

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