I don’t normally wear a sari. Though I love them for their grace and style, the effort is simply beyond me most days. First I have to find someone to help me put it on and then I have to navigate my day feeling like a princess and working like a horse. Moy Moy’s wheelchair, Mummy, Masiji, Daddy – all with canes; and then my camera! I prefer litheness, sprightliness, sweat pants: the ability to leap tall buildings at a single bound.

But today, on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, I thought I would give it a shot.

Sumita graciously agreed to come and drape me and the sari was the one Shaila (my good luck charm) gave me some years ago.What fun. I wear them so seldom that whenever I DO, you would think I had won the marathon or the Nobel Peace Prize. The attention!

It was a wonderful function. The whole staff turned out and we had a lunch and presents and speeches (mine was all in Hindi!) and everyone (with one notable exception) was happy.

Our teachers are amazing. It was so easy to sing their praises because that’s almost all I ever want to do.

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  • manju singhania

    You looked beautiful Jo!! Just making the effort to wear it, with all the other things going on in your life makes you a nominee for the Nobel Prize !!
    And yes, thanks for making the day so special for all at the foundation. We are so proud of you .

  • anjali chaudhry

    Hey Jo,
    It was my wish to see you in saree once.I could not see you in one back in India.Finally I could see you from here ,in London.
    You look great

  • Rajshri Sen

    Hey Jo, you look gorgeous. Must see you at the award ceremony in a sari this time!!

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