Yesterday, Nileshwari and I went to see Jyotsna Brar. She is the Principal of Welham Girls, a member of the Latika Roy Foundation General Body, a long-time supporter of our work and – most important, a good friend.

Meeting her is always a pleasure as I find in her a kindred spirit – a woman who is passionate about education and sees in young people all the promise of dreams and energy and creativity. She was a few minutes late for our meeting because she had been waylaid on the stairs by two girls who were desperate to discuss an idea they had for setting up a version of the United Nations at Welham . . . she couldn’t resist the chance to respond to their excitement.

Lucky for us, she responded to our excitement too. We had gone to talk about ways to involve Welham Girls in our work in a more concerted way and we left with a commitment to do a career workshop in the next few weeks, a promise of volunteers for our afternoon therapy sessions at the EIC and the possibility of having a table at the Welham Founders’ Day exhibition.

It’s just the kind of decisive action we have learned to expect from the very dynamic woman.

  • Sree

    one more for the “who we’ve met” list, jo di 🙂

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