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One frontline yet to make headlines is the one staffed by allied health professionals – therapists of all kinds, technicians and other staff who literally hold the back of a health facility or a system as they perform tasks with patients, in the wards, in investigation areas, therapy rooms and the rest of the hospital. As key staff who are also grappling with service provision without adequate self-protection, it is important to highlight their stories, challenges and continued efforts during the new coronavirus’s outbreak.

The Wire, April 1st, 2020

2020 and the world has gone viral (pun intended)! Some are comparing the current situation to the 1918 flu epidemic that took more than 30 million lives. Only time will tell. With COVID-19 now becoming a pandemic, it seems we are all at risk, however there is one group of people who will face greater challenges and consequences, these are people with disabilities, among others. The Virus is here to stay, and we need a planA plan that works for everyone and Leaves No One Behind. If not now, when?

IHP, March 19th, 2020

There are at least a billion people with disabilities worldwide and this number is rising with ageing and population growth, making them the largest minority group globally. Among them, the number of people using assistive technology for mobility is estimated to double by 2050. In India alone, at least 20% of the disabled are confronted with limitation of mobility- the exact number of people who have access to and use wheel chairs successfully is difficult to estimate. On International Wheelchair Day (1 March), this article seeks to understand the current climate for wheelchair users in India, with a few recommendations in the context of health systems.

IHP, February 28th, 2020

As someone who works for Persons With Disabilities, the world’s largest minority population, in a context where the invisibility of disability cannot be overemphasized, moments like these bring hope, joy and visibility. Coming from a context where disability is not exactly welcomed and continues to be seen as ‘inability with a lot of stigma’, a movie like The Peanut Butter Falcon, is very timely (I do hope the Indian cinemas screen this gem). I agree with Stephen Frost who in his recent book states, “The Inclusion Imperative: How Real Inclusion creates Better Business and Builds Better Societies” when he says that diversity is a reality and inclusion is a choice; a deliberate and intentional choice.

IHP, February 13th, 2020

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LRF appears as a case study for innovation and its ecosystem of holistic, family-centered services in UNESCO’s groundbreaking report ‘State of Education, 2019’.

UNESCO, July, 2019

LRF appears as a case study in the report “Count Me In: Building an Inclusive Ecosystem for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities” by Dasra, India’s pioneering strategic philanthropy organization, in a study commissioned by Bank of America.

Dasra, India, March 2019

Politicians need to stop donations of wheelchairs to disabled kids as photo ops: sizes that are too big, too small, 'Donated By' signs dangling off them. Every child's a person, ability or disability notwithstanding.

NewzHook, March 26, 2019

We give our children the greatest possible gift when we share with them the magic of books, introduce them to the world of imagination, and inspire them to wonder.

The Wire, March 13, 2019

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Natasha Badhwar writes about how LRF began as a school for a beloved daughter with cerebral palsy but has now evolved into a network of centres for those working with the disabled

Livemint, June 16, 2018

India is one of the largest producers and exporters of vaccines yet over 60,000 under five die every year in the country from vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Wire, April 30, 2018

Women and girls with disability are invisible victims of sexual violence in India. The Latika Roy Foundation helped a raped child.

Human Rights Watch, April 3, 2018

In India, autism is still widely misunderstood and, outside of the large cities, often undiagnosed. It’s a crisis in child development that must be averted with proactive, early intervention.

The Wire, April 02, 2018

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Thanks to Moy Moy, there’s hope for thousands of disabled children.

The Better India, June 2, 2017

Kids get further when we let them move on their own two feet

The Swaddle, May 14, 2017

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The mountain of early intervention

The Swaddle, September 20, 2016

Shiamak Davar’s Institute of Dance conducts a workshop at the Doon School, and there we were, for the second time!

DehradunBuzz, September 13, 2016

Latika Vihar, our inclusive play centre where children of all shapes, sizes and forms are welcomed in to read, listen to stories, act, cook , play and just have fun every evening.

DehradunBuzz, September 13, 2016

There are already so many laws that apply to NGOs and are barely used effectively; where is the need for one more?

The Wire, July 23, 2016

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The WHO says 15 per cent of India’s population is disabled. Notice them. Please notice them.

The Swaddle, April 21, 2015

Lessons to my 25 years younger self on raising a child with disabilities.

The Swaddle, March 24, 2015

There’s nothing heroic about the one tube feed, the one nappy, the one night of broken sleep. It’s the years. The long, long avenue of years.

The Swaddle, February 10, 2015

Welcome to the world of disability – it makes you question everything you think you know.

The Swaddle, January 9, 2015

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