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Contents of our EIC toolkit


How to use this toolkit

Early Intervention FAQs

  • What is early intervention?
  • Which children need early intervention?
  • When does early intervention begin?
  • How does early intervention benefit children with specific challenges?
  • What are the different types of early intervention services?

How to Create an Early Intervention Center

Setting up an early intervention centre

  • Part 1: Before you begin
  • Define the scope
  • Pick a name and logo
  • Think about your sustainability
  • Register your organisation
  • Appoint a board
  • Identify a location
  • Hire and orient staff
  • Raise awareness
  • Set up the space
  • Part 2: Working with staff and children
  • Assess the children
  • Admit and observe the children
  • Group the children
  • Plan, set goals, monitor and evaluate
  • Establish support services for the parents
  • Reach out to the community
  • Manage staff

Best practices in early intervention

Annexures and presentations

  • Annexure 1: Sample Meeting Agenda
  • Annexure 2: Sample Minutes of a Meeting
  • Annexure 3: Broad Guidelines for Using Social Media
  • Annexure 4: Sample Prescription Pad
  • Annexure 5: Handmade Toys
  • Annexure 6: Setting Up The Space
  • Annexure 7: Sample Assessment Form
  • Annexure 8: Knowing Me Better Sample
  • Annexure 9: Sample Fast Track Curriculum
  • Annexure 10: Concept Note Template
  • Annexure 11: Milestones Posters
  • Annexure 12: Child Development Booklet
  • Annexure 13: Red Flags Leaflet
  • Annexure 14: Sample Child/ Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy
  • Annexure 15: Sample Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Presentation 1: Training Workshop for Parents on Positioning and Transferring Techniques (English)
  • Presentation 2: Training Workshop for Parents on Positioning and Transferring Techniques (Hindi)

How to Create an Early Intervention Center

Tables and boxes

  • Types of skills acquired in the early years
  • Pros and cons of newspaper classifieds
  • Pros and cons of online recruitment
  • Pros and cons of personal recruitment
  • Qualities of good early interventionists
  • Minutes matter
  • How to engage your community
  • Quick tips for networking with doctors
  • Conducting workshops in mainstream schools
  • Why provide a sensory diet
  • Why imaginative play is critical to development
  • How children are grouped
  • Playgroup timetable
  • Sample contents of a child’s file
  • Short-term goal planning
  • The importance of feedback
  • A typical day for staff
  • How the strengths-based approach helps families

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