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Welcome to our newest website. We launched it at midnight in honor of World Autism Day . . . and that feels appropriate.

There was nothing wrong with the old one, designed by our friend Siddharth Sharma – in fact, it was truly beautiful.

So was the one before that, designed by our dear friend Edmund Cluett; And the one before that,  designed by another special friend Rahul Saini.

Each one was just right for who we were as an organization at the time of its creation. Because organizations evolve and so do websites. It’s important to change with the times; to embrace new technologies and make the best use of new design possibilities. Our first site, back in 2005, was perfect. Our latest one, again designed by the inimitable Siddharth Sharma, is too.

And launching it on World Autism Day is appropriate because understanding about autism is one of the most rapidly evolving fields of study in the disability world. Almost every day, literally, some new breakthrough occurs. It’s a story of remarkable hope and promise and it’s happening because families, scientists and service providers have thrown themselves into raising the funds and doing the research necessary to understand this mysterious and often baffling disorder.

How inspiring! I just love the way people can put their minds to something and refuse to be cowed by difficulty or poor prognoses. We’ve come so far in autism research and practice because so many people were so determined that change was not only possible but essential.

Our new website celebrates that spirit of creativity, perseverance, and positive expectation and it was, as ever, a joy to work with Siddharth in conceptualizing and creating it. Mamta Govil poured hours and days of her life into its construction. We would love to hear your thoughts on how it’s turned out!

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  • Sidd

    Thank you Jo :)

    We are truly grateful for the opportunity.
    A quick shout out to the entire team at SIDDATWORK, who really made this possible.

    • Jo

      It’s always, always a team, isn’t it? Yours is awesome.

      • Sidd

        Yes. Absolutely spot on :) And so relieved that it is! I can’t imagine for the life of me, doing all that we currently do if it was just me!

  • Rachit

    Wonderful work Sidharth and Latika Roy Foundation. A great user friendly website. Good wishes to Jo.


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