Sakshi and Moy Moy. Those two girls – young women now – are inextricably linked with the history of the Foundation. They were the first students at Karuna Vihar, the only ones who turned up on opening day, though we had gone into the highways and byways to try and fill the place for the event.

Just Sakshi and Moy Moy. Moy Moy, of course. But Sakshi’s family had to take that leap of faith that any new school requires of parents. They knew nothing about us, yet they trusted us with their daughter.

And now that daughter is all grown up and ready to face the world as an adult.

Sakshi was a star student at Karuna Vihar and a brilliant trainee at the College for Vocational Training. She was selected for an internship first at the EIC and then at Karuna Vihar Special School.

Girl with Downs Syndrome, standing between two matrons in blue saris - on her first day at a new job

And on September 9th, she started working at Welham Girls as an ayah. She is earning the same amount as her peers there and she will be proud, diligent member of a great educational community -one of the best schools in the country and now a leader in progressive hiring of people with special needs.

We couldn’t be happier!

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  • Eecc Ddn

    Great. All due to the Good Team spirit under your able guidance. God Bless her

  • RamblinRose72

    My baby girl, my dholakwaali baby girl! How lovely she looks, all grown up and ladylike! So happy and proud to hear this. Please give her a big smooch from me and congratulations to the Team and parents! And way to go, WG too!

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