Here is the awful story of Manoj, a staff member at our College for Vocational Training and the hit and run accident he was in last week:

And here is the terrible sequel, in which justice is not done and the innocent suffer and evil is allowed to triumph over good.

And here is the story of our attempts to negotiate with the driver who caused the accident.

And now there are the medical bills, the post-operative care, the physio-therapy and the long slow process of recovery.

We need to raise 200,000 rupees ($4000) for Manoj immediately. I have 769 facebook friends. If just a little over half of you can donate $10 each, we will be all set. If every one of you could do it, there would be enough money to set up a little trust fund for Manoj and his family.

$10. A few cups of coffee at Starbucks. A movie and a half. A man’s life. A man who has already – age 26 – done so much for children with disabilities in India.

We owe him this much. The system has failed him. We can help make it right.

Donate generously. Here’s the link.

Many, many, many thanks.

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  • jaime

    bravo jo — you are an incredible friend. thanks for sharing and making it easy for us to help — just donated online. good luck. xx

  • Monika

    Hi Jo

    Been reading your inspiring words for a while now without commenting. I have donated online. Hope it will help Manoj.

  • Anne Bruce

    Have sent a cheque. Anne

  • Samantha Zirkin

    Thanks for telling Manoj’s story. I gave online and hope my friends will, too!

    Love to Manoj!

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