Yesterday, I was sad about what had happened to Manoj. Today, I am just angry. Enraged. Furious.

Manoj was knocked down by a would-be hit and run driver (he was caught and forced to take Manoj to the hospital) and is now in an ICU, fighting for his life. He suffered massive head injuries and while the doctors have now upgraded his chances of survival to 30% (from 5% initially), it is sure that there will be serious brain damage even if he lives.

Life, as he knew it, is over.

Here’s what makes me angry:

  1. The man who destroyed his life and his dreams has not yet given any money toward his care. He keeps insisting we first sign an affidavit that we won’t press charges.
  2. The policemen who first seized the car and the driver’s license later gave them both back – they were paid off, the case was hushed up.
  3. The hospital where he is being treated is filthy, disgraceful and disorganized. Yet Manoj is being charged over Rs 10,000 per day and the authorities never stop harassing the family for more money.
I don’t wish evil on anyone. I never have and I hope I never will. But I believe there must be a special place in hell for people who thrive on other people’s misfortunes and tragedies, for those who refuse to take responsibility for the damage they have done and for those who take advantage of people at their weakest and most vulnerable.
There is a God in Heaven. And we reap what we sow.


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