The Disability Certificate is the most important document and every person with disability must have this document. It is essential to get a disability certificate made in order to avail any of the services and facilities provided by the government.

The medical board of doctors authorized by the Chief Medical Officer conducts assessments and ascertains the percentage of disability for the disability certificate. Any person with a disability (may be physical, visual, speech and hearing or mental) of more than 40%, and who has a disability certificate is entitled to avail all the government services for the disabled.

Where can I get my disability certificate made?

CMO Office,
Chandar Nagar,

The registration form is available at the CMO Office.
You can also download the same here

When is the disability certificate made?

Every Wednesday

What are the timings?

The forms for a disability certificates are filled from 10.00am to 1.00pm.
After 2.00pm, the medical board conducts assessments.

What documents do I need to bring with me?

2 passport size photographs (if the disability is physical, it should be visible in the photograph)
An Address proof (for example- ration card, voter card, passport, pan card etc)

Disability is classified into 4 types:

  1. Physical disability
  2. Hearing and speech disability
  3. Visual impairment
  4. Mental retardation

Disability levels:

  1. Lowest – 40%
  2. Medium – between 40% to 75%
  3. Advanced – 75% or higher
  4. Full – 100%

NOTE- A disability certificate will only be issued to persons with disability and not to persons suffering from any illness or disease.