Right to ride
People throw the word around quite a bit, but what is advocacy? The general meaning of the word is to stand up for and defend the rights of oneself and/or others. The Latika Roy Foundation advocates for the rights of people with disabilities. Every citizen is entitled to the Fundamental rights in the Indian constitution, and all citizens of this country come under the purview of various Acts made by the legislature.

Advocacy, in this case means ensuring that all persons with disabilities are aware of their rights, and that they are using and safeguarding these rights. It is very important that every person knows what they are entitled to. At the Latika Roy Foundation, we do extensive research on the various Acts, relating to persons with disabilities, and work towards the implementation and enforcement of such Acts. Our aim is that every person should know their rights and we help in whatever capacity we can, by educating the public, looking into concerns regarding facilities not meted out and also what we can contribute into the drafting of acts or policies of the legal system which would benefit the society as well as inclusion of the disabled into the society.

With the help of the various Acts, we work towards proper and efficient implementation of the provisions in these Acts. The awareness team, while in the community aims also to educate the public of their rights under these Acts. We offer advice regarding any query related to the facilities and services that people are entitled to by the government.

Besides the Acts, Government orders are also used to ensure rights to persons. Government Orders (GO’s) are instructions given by the government, regarding concerns, which with the passing of time, may be necessary but are not be included in the relevant Act of law.

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