Latika Vihar Fun
Latika Vihar is an inclusive neighbourhood children’s centre for creativity and fun. Open to all, regardless of ability or income, the centre offers a wide range of activities in an atmosphere of celebration and cooperation. Competition is discouraged in favor of full participation for all and children are free to do as they please and to express themselves creatively – the only ground rule is kindness.

Enrollment at Latika Vihar ranges from 40 to 125, depending on the time of year, with peak membership in the summer. Children under three must come with a parent; the upper age limit is 14, after which children are encouraged to stay on as volunteers. The centre is open for two hours every afternoon, five days a week.

We have a toy room, a library, a dance and music room, extensive outdoor equipment, a potter’s grove and a bamboo weaving hut.

Creativity, self-expression, freedom and imagination are the over-riding values of Latika Vihar. Every day, at least four different activities are offered, including cooking, art and craft, music, dance, pottery, basket weaving, drama, sports and story-telling. Children are free to participate in whatever captures their interest. There is no pressure to do anything in particular and if a child begins an activity and then decides it’s boring, he is free to drop it mid-stream. Some children prefer to spend all their time in the sandpit, others play only cricket, still others like to sit with their friends and giggle and chat.

Latika Vihar
Our core team at Latika Vihar consists of coordinators for admin, development sports and games coordinator, special needs and toddlers’ activities and several helpers. Resource people come in for one, two or three days a week, depending on the interests of the children. We change activities regularly according to what members ask for and we offer special events whenever possible. Recently, we have had a magic show, a movie, a picnic and a fireworks display.

Children with disabilities are an integral part of Latika Vihar and we ensure that every child joins in the fun. Our staff is trained to include everyone, especially those who don’t know how much they are missing. Typical children learn to take special needs in stride at Latika Vihar. It’s a model of how inclusion works.

The main thing at Latika Vihar is having fun in an atmosphere free from competition or pressure to perform. It’s a place where children feel safe, free and special.