Overview of Gubbara
Gubbara is the Foundation’s first engagement with the government. In a Public Private Partnership, LRF has joined hands with the government of Uttarakhand to bring early intervention services to those children who need it most. Funded by the National Rural Health Mission, our program provides assessments and a home management plan to very poor families from around the state.

Gubbara is a state-of-the-art facility, housed in a purpose-built wing of the Doon Hospital, Uttarakhand’s largest medical centre. Children from birth to age six come with their parents for an intensive, one-week assessment. They work with our inter-disciplinary team of specialists to arrive at a holistic understanding of the child and her/his strengths and weaknesses. Each day, we focus on a different area of development (motor, communication, medical, etc), while also helping families to understand the importance of their role as parents in helping their child to develop.

Any medical tests that are required are arranged during the assessment week; families are also assisted to obtain the Disability Certificate and to understand the rights of people with disability.

Families from around the state are welcome to attend Gubbara. There is a small fund available to help families from out of town who need housing assistance during the assessment week.