Our CVT Trainees, all young adults with special needs, have enormous talent. With a little help and guidance from staff, they make a large range of products, the sale of which go to support the college. But the money we earn is less important than the skills they get to practice and the self-confidence that develops as a result.

Paper bags are made from recycled news-papers, off-cuts from tailors and handmade paper sheets.

Paper bags

By re-using and recycling, we are helping to preserve the environment and to show that we can make great things at low cost.
There are a range of sizes and a variety of colors and materials to choose from. The bags last a year if you don’t wet them.

There are different sizes of bags, different colors and materials. They can last one year if you don’t wet them.


The folders are made of cardboard and cloth. They are very nicely designed and of multiple colors.

Our trainees do block printing with paints to decorate them and custom orders are available.

The size is for A4 papers.


Thanks to a donation of wallpaper catalogues, the trainees are now making these sturdy and beautiful envelopes.

Shagan envelopes are handy for cash gifts at weddings and birthdays, but it is also possible to use them to send letters!


These stylish pouches are stitched by our trainees thanks to machines that have been donated to the Foundation.

They are 4×6 inches and made from left over bits of silk, handspun cotton and broadcloths – all donated by local tailors.

Pencil case, purse, makeup pouch – it’s up to you to decide!


These beautiful and colorful bookmarks and gift tags are fashioned from leftover wedding invitation cards.

best wishes tags

Best wishes tags show again how to re-use products.

Indeed, all the left-over paper from the envelope making and the bookmarks are used to make these tags.

They are contained in packets of 10 tags.

photo frames

Photo frames come in a variety of colors but, for the moment only one size:  5 x 7.

floating candles

Our candles are floating, spirals, hexagon, round, gel and Diwali candles. They come in a range of lovely colors and can be special ordered for other festivals.


Finally, our trainees are amazing cooks. They are now well set up to make complete meals, both for Foundation events (like meetings and workshops) as well as providing regular tiffin services to students, staff and Foundation volunteers.

Delicious pickles, cookies and muffins are also available on order.

If you are interested in buying any of these products, please feel free to contact us.