The College for Vocational Training is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Our team consists of special educators, therapists, vocational trainers, gardeners, teaching assistants, and helpers.

The young adults at the CVT are almost exclusively graduates of KV School. They range in age from 16 to 21 and while they all have a mental handicap and some have a physical one too, are all potentially employable. In an effort to create a workplace-like environment, trainees sign the attendance register when they arrive each morning, and sign out in the afternoon when they leave.

Activity-based sessions are devoted to acquiring skills like cooking and housekeeping, sewing, paper bag making, baking, candle making, masala packing, gardening, carpentry and office skills.

Issues of personal hygiene and grooming, workplace manners, appropriate sexual behaviour, handling money and negotiating public transport are vital aspects of the curriculum. Personal relationships flourish and for most of the trainees, the College provides their most important friendships and social life.

Real-life experiences are a large part of the curriculum and trainees go to restaurants, buy what they need from the market, attend concerts and films, visit neighbours, prepare meals, shine shoes, wash cars, make phone calls and mail letters.

After trainees have sampled the various skills-activities being taught in the centre over a period of one year, staff members help them assess their aptitudes and interests to make a career choice best in accord with their abilities and preferences.

Placements in the foundation’s projects are a routine part of the curriculum, with trainees working in our offices, children’s centre, school and EICs. Other organizations in Dehradun have also offered internships for a less familiar – and hence more challenging – work experience.

The ultimate goal is employment. The Foundation has hired three CVT graduates; others have gone on to work in family businesses or joined a recently started sheltered workshop which processes and packs masalas.